Congratulations to José Fragoso Santos, Philippa Gardner, Petar Maksimović, Martin Bodin and Gaby Sampaio, whose papers were accepted at this year’s ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages (POPL 2019).

José, Petar, Gaby and Philippa had their paper ‘JaVerT 2.0: Compositional Symbolic Execution for JavaScript’ accepted. The paper describes JaVerT 2.0, a symbolic analysis tool for JavaScript that follows the language semantics without simplifications.

Martin and Philippa’s paper, written in collaboration with Thomas Jensen and Alan Schmitt, from Inria, is ‘Skeletal Semantics and Their Interpretations’ and in it, they introduce a skeletal semantics of a language, where each skeleton describes the complete semantic behaviour of a language construct. You can find more details and additional proofs on the companion page and their artifact on their Gitlab repository.