Sacha Ayoun and Petar Maksimovic gave a talk on Gillian-Rust: Unified Symbolic Analysis for Rust at the Second Rust Verification Workshop (RW2022), which was held in Munich, Germany, co-located with ETAPS 2022

Rust is a new programming language for writing performant code with strong type and memory safety guarantees, and a strong contender to becoming an alternative to C and C++ for systems programming. This has resulted in a growing interest in the program verification community for building program verifiers for Rust.

Following on from the first Rust Verification Workshop in 2021, this second workshop was aimed at language designers, application developers and formal verification tool builders, and intended as a forum for sharing research and build collaborations around developing verified Rust programs. Abstracts of the talks and slides will be avaible soon on the Rust Verification Workshop.