Xiaojia is a PhD student at the Department of Computing at Imperial, under the supervision of Professor Philippa Gardner.

Xiaojia studied for his BA and MMath degree at the University of Cambridge and then moved to Imperial College London in 2020 to join the MSc in Advanced Computing. His Master’s thesis was on a verified model of WebAssembly in Coq called WasmCert-Coq. He plans to expand this work, and also explore the Iris framework in his future research.

Group Publications

  1. Bringing the WebAssembly Standard up to Speed with SpecTec

    • Dongjun Youn
    • Wonho Shin
    • Jaehyun Lee
    • Sukyoung Ryu
    • Joachim Breitner
    • Philippa Gardner
    • Sam Lindley
    • Matija Pretnar
    • Xiaojia Rao
    • Conrad Watt
    • Andreas Rossberg

  2. Iris-Wasm: Robust and Modular Verification of WebAssembly Programs

    44th ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation (PLDI 2023), pp. 151:1–151:25

  3. Two Mechanisations of WebAssembly 1.0

    Proceedings of the 24th international symposium of Formal Methods (FM21), Beijing, China; November 20-25, 2021, pp. 61–79