Sacha Ayoun is a PhD student at the Department of Computing at Imperial, under the supervision of Professor Philippa Gardner. He is currently working on Gillian, a parametric symbolic execution tool for symbolic testing, verification and automatic compositional testing.

During his undergraduate 2017, Sacha worked at the French Alternative and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) as a researcher-engineer intern. His goal was to improve the Frame-C abstract interpreter to better handle file descriptors. In 2018 he completed his Supelec Engineer Diploma at CentraleSupelec as well as his MSc in Advanced Computing at Imperial.

Group Publications

  1. Gillian, Part I: A Multi-language Platform for Symbolic Execution

    Proceedings of the 41st ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation (PLDI ’20), June 15–20, 2020, London, UK